4 Ways Experiential Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing


“Is traditional marketing still alive?”

While traditional marketing such as newspapers, TV, and radio still very much exist, businesses can no longer rely solely on these methods. The future of marketing is to create an emotional connection between a brand and consumer. Experiential marketing, through live experiences and event activations, creates these lasting connections in a way that traditional marketing methods just can’t.

Experiential marketing has numerous advantages over traditional marketing, but here are a few reasons why we believe experiential marketing can be more effective than traditional marketing methods:

1.     Creating a memorable experience

What would you remember more: A magazine ad promoting a fountain drink, or a gigantic soda bottle in the middle of the street that you could actually walk through, with interactive TV screens? Giving your consumers an immersive and unique experience is key. Regardless of whether your experience involves sampling of your actual product or service, or just allows consumers to create positive associations with your brand – an activation will draw consumer’s attention and lead to an excited and engaged audience that is thrilled to share their unforgettable experience with everyone they meet.

 2.     Positive brand associations

A brand association is anything that is deep-seated in a consumer’s mind about a brand. Because experiential marketing engages multiple senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell), it is able to create stronger brand associates when compared to traditional marketing. With so much clutter in traditional marketing channels, it can be difficult for brands to differentiate themselves and be memorable. There is no denying that if you came across an 8-foot gumball machine dispensing robots, you would remember it. Brand associations can be created at the actual activation itself, but also through the integration of your experience in your overall marketing strategy.

 3.     Developing and repurposing content

The buzz generated by an activation creates an amazing opportunity to reach an even larger audience beyond those physically in attendance. Not only can content be shared in real time by your brand through social media, it can also be repurposed and distributed through different media channels after the experiential activation has taken place. Documenting and sharing the live experience for reuse will allow the activation to live on long after the event is over. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the content you can capture. Live consumer reactions could become your company’s next TV commercial or a viral clip on your brand’s YouTube channel. Authentic content for your brand can and should be used throughout all of your marketing channels.

4.     Having an engaged audience

While it is true that traditional marketing can have a vast reach in terms of distribution, the question to ask is: is this audience engaged? Experiential marketing gives you the opportunity to directly engage with your consumers unlike traditional marketing methods. There is power in gaining real reactions and information from a possible smaller group of your target rather than having a larger group who is only half engaged. So many of us simply change the channel for TV commercials or completely avoid any type of social banner ad. Experiential and event marketing eliminates this unwanted exposure buy bringing life and excitement to your brand. Instead of adding to the clutter being promoted on TV and online, experiential marketing breaks through all the marketing messages to create a long lasting message that fully engages the audience in multiple ways. 

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